How does it work?
Let's make an example about fundraising

Step 1:

An emerging artist needs money and sells part of his artwork's future proceeds on Heirdom

Step 2:

We broadcast the request to the art professionals/ investors/ collectors that better suit the artist's fundraise. Let's say that two gallerists and a collector see the potential of the artist and its artwork and they decide to buy a share of its future proceeds.
The latter are now investors and the artist has accessed new capital.

Step 3:

The new investors and the artist now are helping and supporting the growth of each other so that everyone can be rewarded at the artwork's subsequent sale.

Social Sustainability
SDG 8, 9 , 11. | see white paper

The Heirdom model support the achievement of the 8th, 9th and 11th of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is possibile because, by generating long term, sustainable liquidity in the arts we will, indirectly, create indiscriminate, local, full-time jobs.

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